Short VIDEO: What Happens in the Brain When We Practice Mindfulness?

wandering mind. Colorful tulips reflections in water

Our minds wander. And all the technology that surrounds us makes the job of focusing attention more difficult.

Not even Zen Masters can stop their minds from wandering. However, they know how to deal with distractions and get the mind back on track. The difference is in the approach we take to deal with our straying attention.

Here’s a short (4:37 min) video on what happens in our brain when we practice mindfulness.

Think of mindfulness as similar to puppy training, says Juliet Adams, founder of “We have to cultivate an attitude of curiosity, playfulness, fun and lightness.

“Our attention will always wonder. We have to notice the distraction and be gentle with ourselves. Just like training a puppy.”

See what happens in the brain when you focus your attention on something.

Have you tried practicing mindfulness? Please share your experiences with us.


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I am an author, attorney, mediator and Professor of Law at the Santa Clara University. My first book was 'The Leading Lawyer, a Guide to Practicing Law and Leadership'. Now I am working on a book about 3S: Success, Significance and Satisfaction for the 50+ crowd.
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