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Author – Attorney – Mediator – Professor of Law

I am Bob Cullen. I have been teaching law school for 15 years specializing in professional and leadership development. Along the way, I have developed a long list of leadership development concepts and teaching methods.

Teaching is one of the ways I accomplish a couple of my goals: I enjoy teaching very much—making it satisfying.  Also—I take great pleasure in teaching the habits and skills necessary for young and not-so-young lawyers to build sustainable and successful careers. One cannot focus on legal and business success only; in order to have a sustainable career the most successful lawyers focus on finding meaningful work as well.

The most successful lawyers, those who lead meaningful, successful and long lasting professional lives, focus on three things: career success, satisfaction and significance. They are leaders in their communities and businesses. They volunteer for nonprofit organizations and have engaging lifestyles.

It is this experience, combined with my teaching and research that led me to write and teach on the 3Ss— Success, Significance and Satisfaction.

I started with the 3S series for lawyers and law students. Today, it has expanded to other demographics. My current focus is for my own generation—the Baby Boomers. My next book is for those over 50, who are looking at a meaningful conclusion to their career and finding Success, Significance and Satisfaction (3S) beyond retirement.

I also volunteer with several non profit organizations. One is CityTeam Ministries and I share the same ideas and principles with this group of men.

My Legal Career

In my legal career, I have spent 30 years providing realistic, value oriented, legal and business driven advice to my clients. In every unique client and situation, there are legal and business concerns that are essential to any solution or decision. I make sure to take into account every aspect of a problem and business opportunity to provide advice that makes the most business, legal and common sense (sometimes missing in this chaotic world).

I am an experienced, business oriented lawyer, Adjunct Law Professor, and former VP and General Counsel of JSI Logistics. I practiced law for almost 20 years with a large law firm and then went out on my own for many years to provide mediation services.

I spent the last five 5 years at JSI Logisitics, a leader in providing logistics and supply chain management solutions around the world. I handled a wide array of business and legal issues on a local, regional and international platform.

Today, I am back to mediating on my own, teaching and speaking about entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership for lawyers as well as how to live a 3S life.

I invite you to visit my leadership website,
Leadership4Lawyers.com and my law practice site CullenLawGroup.com

I hope you enjoy the content on this blog and look forward to a dialogue with you all.

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