What is 3S?

3S stands for Success, Significance and Satisfaction

You’ve seen people who have achieved the heights of conventional success—money, power, fame, achievements etc.—but who are still unhappy, unfulfilled, and seeking meaning in their lives. I’ve seen too many such people and wondered why.

Why are seemingly successful people unhappy?

This happens because Success, as our society defines it, is not enough to fulfill all of our human needs. We feel empty and incomplete even if we are ‘successful’. It leaves us unhappy, dissatisfied and wanting. We need something more.

What more do we need?

From my research, interviewing successful people and from personal experience, I have found that lasting Success needs to be bundled with things that give us Significance and Satisfaction.

This is what I call the 3S

3S stands for Success, Significance and Satisfaction.

Without Significance and Satisfaction, you are unlikely to find real, lasting Success.

3S is a way of life

The 3S approach to life helps you take a holistic look at your life, your dreams, your goals and work towards finding Success, Significance and Satisfaction.

3S is about balance. With 3S, you won’t neglect key aspects of your life or what matters to you. That means making a conscious effort at making time for yourself, your family, fun, exercising, learning or hobbies—whatever that matters to you.

3S is about self knowledge. With 3S, you learn to look inward and find ways to focus time, energy and efforts on your priorities.

3S is about empowerment. When you get into a 3S lifestyle, you don’t obsessively focus on one thing or another. This releases you to focus on a number of things that really matter to you; without neglecting one or the other. And when you do, you reinforce the virtuous cycle of Success, Significance and Satisfaction.

3S isn’t about getting rich, getting things or being happy. It is about balancing our needs for all those things, together with our need for things that give satisfaction and meaning to our daily lives.

Who can benefit from 3S?

Anyone can benefit from the 3S approach. From teens to retirees, anyone who appreciates that real, lasting success comes not from external trappings but from a meaningful, satisfying life can benefit from it.

Being a Baby Boomer myself, my first focus was on those 50 and beyond. But I am using the 3S approach to the benefit of other groups, such as young (and not so young) lawyers and other professionals and The City Team.

Most people who try out the 3S approach find that they have been chasing mirages and missing out on many things that matter to them or give them joy, meaning and satisfaction.

Find out more…

3S Beyond 50 | 3S for Lawyers | 3S City Team


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