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It’s not About Retirement:
Success, Significance and Satisfaction Beyond 50.

Throughout this blog, I will refer to this book as 3S BEYOND 50. 


The Leading Lawyer:
A Guide to Practicing Law and Leadership


 The Leading Lawyer, a Guide to Practicing Law and Leadership is my first book.

The Leading Lawyer, A Guide to Practicing Law and Leadership explains the secrets of leadership from top lawyers who have taken their talents to new heights by combining legal expertise with exceptional leadership skills.

It shows how leading lawyers capitalize on their advocacy and analytical skills and combine them with their visionary insights to reach new levels of success.

This book:

  • Shows how the great leading lawyers move beyond advocacy to leadership
  • Explains how to use your skills to create opportunity and persuade others to join in your vision
  • Describes how to achieve success in business, government, and nonprofits by adding to your arsenal of skills
  • Demonstrates how to use advocacy and creativity, persuasion and inspiration, and team building to service clients and build successful organizations

Quotations from the book

“On that long road to success, and I emphasize the word long, you will stumble. You have the choice of remaining on the ground or you can pick yourself up, and struggle again on that path that you hope will take you to the career or the success that you have dreamed of. Don’t give up, just persevere.”
~Justice Joyce Kennard
Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court

“The purpose of leadership isn’t to put money in your pocket or to acquire fame. The purpose of leadership is to improve the
future. It’s to improve the lives of others for the future.”
~Leon Panetta
   Panetta Institute for Public Policy

“Lawyers are taught to be very powerful analytically, but they are not always taught to ask large questions and then to understand what tools are necessary to answer those questions… My view of leadership is broad. It is not just “legal leadership,” it is leadership in a variety of different settings, whether it is intellectual, non-profit, forprofit, executive branch or legislative leadership.”
~Ben Heineman, Jr.
   Former General Counsel for General Electric


Read an extract

Read an extract from The Leading Lawyer – Chapter 1 Excerpt – 2014 Orientation

How to buy the book

Buy it now at West®


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