Being There for Others…

The only purpose of our lives consists in waking each other up and being there for each other.
~Johanna Paungger

3S 2015 10 Johanna Paungger quote The only purpose of our lives

We struggle to find Significance in our lives.

Lawyers, both those who are like me and those who are not like me, often have it easy with Success. But most of us can stumble when it comes to finding Satisfaction and Significance in our lives.

And this is amply clear in our personal lives. Stress, divorce, addictions, mental health issues and even suicide are not strangers to us. Many of our families are scattered–I am eternally grateful for mine–and happiness is so far away as to make it seem unreachable. And its sad because we can afford to have great families and happy lives.

What if we take a second look, and a third if you must, at what we may be getting wrong. What if we step back from the treadmill of success to consider how we can add meaning (Significance) and Satisfaction to our lives?

Can finding balance be so easy?

Not if you look at it from the other side of the fence. Not if your lifestyle calls for expensive maintenance, and a huge cash inflow each month, every month. Not of you believe money is everything, or almost everything.

But you know it has not bought you happiness. And there seems to be no chance it would in the near future either. If  this is how you feel, what have you to lose in seeking Satisfaction and Significance?

A pay cut, may be? A change in lifestyle? Perhaps a more healthy, wholesome lifestyle, where you find the time to exercise, and eat food that is really good for you. After all, what good is any money once you are dead, before your time?

And this being the holiday season, you may have more time to spend with family.

Will there ever come a time when you tell your family that…

The only purpose of our lives consists in waking each other up and being there for each other.
~Johanna Paungger

I wish you Success, Satisfaction and Significance for the holidays. But more importantly, I wish you the Time you need to reconsider and to reset your priorities so that you can add more Satisfaction and Significance to your life.

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About rcullen2015

I am an author, attorney, mediator and Professor of Law at the Santa Clara University. My first book was 'The Leading Lawyer, a Guide to Practicing Law and Leadership'. Now I am working on a book about 3S: Success, Significance and Satisfaction for the 50+ crowd.
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